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Commencement Ceremony 2021

Yangzhou University held its summer 2021 commencement ceremony in the main building square of Lotus Pond Campus on June 19. Over 8,500 degrees were conferred on students from across the globe. With the turning of their tassels, the class of 2021 graduated, stepping from the role of students to alumni.

More than 10,000 people—soon-to-be graduates, friends, family, faculty, and staff—appeared to hold their collective breath while the ceremony was kicked off in the video Setting Sail on the arena. The short film condenses the university time shared by the graduates of 2021, reviews their common youth memories and beautiful moments, and relives feelings and warmth in their growth.

During the ceremony, many of the speakers encouraged the graduates to remember those memories of Yangzhou University and to take the lessons of the campus, both academic and personal, with them as they entered the professional world.

University President Xin’an Jiao cited the legacy of the university’s founder when he urged graduates to use their gifts to change the world for the better and to engage in an ongoing process of “great assiduity and self-reliance.”

Weizhen Zhang, a student speaker form the College of Foreign Languages, who was chosen to represent their graduating cohort, spoke at the ceremony on Saturday and said: “Before leaving home to come to University four years ago, I wasn’t sure what the future had in store for me…As I stand here today, I am proud to say that I made the best decision to come to Yangzhou University.”

Changjie Yan, a professor from the College of Agriculture, and this year’s commencement speaker, encouraged graduates to learn to take responsibility for that which they take credit and to set out bravely towards the distance in the name of youth.

As the final note of the song “Stay Young Forever” hung in the air, the crowd rose to its feet and offered thunderous applause.

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