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When you are building an academic career, you want to be part of an educational institution that values both your unique expertise and your personal aspirations. Many scholars and researchers have found those qualities at Yangzhou University ― in addition to high-quality and diverse programs, exceptional faculty colleagues, talented students and the academic reputation that make YZU one of the top comprehensive universities in China.


Located in Eastern China about an hour’s high-speed railway from Shanghai, Yangzhou was awarded the “United Nation Habitat Scroll of Honor” and designated by UNESCO as the “gastronomic capital of the world”. YZU is dedicated to recruiting the most brilliant scientists, allowing them to choose their scientific pursuits, providing them with comprehensive support, and surrounding them with collaborative and energetic colleagues.


Our structure

YZU is designed to support and stimulate science, with an administration and staff entirely committed to meeting the needs of our scientists and eliminating distractions from their research. YZU’s 29 colleges offer 125 undergraduate programs, covering the 12 disciplines of philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management science and art. YZU has 3 national key disciplines, 21 first-level doctoral programs, and 50 first-level master’s programs. YZU’s overall competence as well as 8 disciplines, namely chemistry, plant and animal sciences, engineering, agricultural sciences, clinical medicine, material science, computer science and biology and biochemistry, have entered ESI’s top 1% among worldwide universities and research institutions. YZU has constructed over 50 platforms for teaching and scientific research that are of ministerial or provincial level or above, including a Joint International Laboratory and a Research Center for Regional and Cross-nation Studies, and has set up close cooperation and exchange relations with more than 281 higher education institutions and research institutions in 56 countries and regions.


Our culture

Our dedication to excellence gives scientists a significant advantage as they work across disciplines and share knowledge, driving one another to pursue big ideas and achieve transformational discoveries. This strong support fosters a culture with an extremely dedicated and satisfied faculty.


Our commitment

We encourage anyone who is interested to apply for a faculty position at YZU. We place a high emphasis on quality of life for our scientists, enabling them to focus deeply on their research by providing childcare, research start-up fund and housing support, health and wellness services, and other resources to help navigate the many layers of an academic life. At YZU, every hire is a strategic hire. In an effective search process, the entire YZU community will work together to achieve our common goal of building a diverse group of faculty and an inclusive work climate for our faculty to excel in teaching, research, and service.


Contact information

Office of Human Resources (responsible for the recruitment of outstanding, leading talents and innovative teams)

    Contacts: Bi Yulin, Ye Miao; Tel: 0514-87971833; Email: rcb@yzu.edu.cn

Personnel Section (responsible for the recruitment of applicants with doctoral degrees from pre-eminent overseas universities )

     Contacts: Shi Jun, Han Yuzhi; Tel: 0514-87971876; Email: rsk@yzu.edu.cn

Postdoctor Management Office (responsible for the recruitment of full-time postdoctors)

     Contacts: Chen Zongchun; Tel: 0514-87971888; Email: bsh@yzu.edu.cn

Department of Human Resources, Affiliated Hospital (responsible for the recruitment of medical staff)

    Contacts: Wu Yong; Tel: 0514-82981199 -80409; E-mail: ydfyrsc@yzu.edu.cn



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