Brief Introduction
Brief Introduction

Situated in a poetic campus here in Yangzhou with trees blooming and grass prospering every spring of the year, College of maxism is famous for its undergraduate program— ideological and political program— the “fist program” of Yangzhou University. With a history of some 50 years, it could be dated back as early as 1960s. Apart from giving ideological and political lectures to undergraduates, graduates, doctorates within the whole university, it has also taken as its responsibility cultivate students of its own, and undertake theoretical research of Marxism.

At present, our school has one doctorial program for the Localization of Marxism in China, master degree programs for the first-level discipline of Marxism Principle, and master degree programs for 6 second-level disciplines, they are Marxism Basics, Marxism Development History, Localization of Maxism in China, Maxism Abroad, Ideological and Political Education, and Chinese Modern History.

Great emphasis has been put on talent cultivation, and continually advanced teaching measures combined with strengthened practices have further enhanced students’ social adaptability. The staff of the school are well-educated and highly-respected, totaled some 70, among whom there are 12 professors, 36 associate professors, 4 doctorial supervisors, 20 master’s supervisors, and some 20 doctorates. They are dedicated to deep and thorough researches, hold true to the school motto—“stay intrepid and independent”, contribute a great deal and work together to realize one and the same goal—making the school of maxism a high-leveled institutional college featured with distinctive characteristics. 

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