Physical Education
Brief Introduction
Brief Introduction

Since its founding in July 1998, the Yangzhou University School of Physical Education (YZUSPE) has been cultivating high-quality persons. YZUSPE dates from 1972 with the combination of Physical Education (PE) Department of former Teachers’ Education school and public PE instruction & research sections of former Teachers’ Education School, of Agriculture School, of Medicine School, of Engineering School, of Hydraulic Science School, and of Commercial School. The School has 5 departments (PE, Social Sports, Traditional Chinese Sports, Human Sports Science, and Public PE), 3 centers (Sports Science Experimental Center, Sports Training Management Center, Stadium & Gymnasium Management Center), 6 speciality instruction & research sections, 4 public PE instruction & research sections and 4 research institutes (Human Sports Science Institute, PE Training Institute, School PE Institute, and Traditional Chinese Sports Institute). YZUSPE is one of provincial training center for first-level social sports instructor, and of provincial training base for martial and free combat. It houses a training base for provincial PE vocational skills appraisal and cooperates with Keep-in-health Sports Committee of National Rehabilitation Association and Sports Psychology Committee of Jiangsu Provincial PE Science Association.

The School now has 3 programs for undergraduates (PE, Social Sports, and Traditional Chinese Sports), of which PE is a provincial specialism. It also has 1 doctoral program (Animal & Human Exercise Comparison Science), 1 primary discipline of PE master’s program (including 4 secondary disciplines: Human Sports Science、Sports Training、 PE Humane Sociology、Traditional Chinese Sports), and 3 professional master’s programs (Curriculum & Instruction (PE), Professional PE、Education (PE)) as well as programs for oversea students. Currently, the School has a full-time enrollment of 151 graduates and 724 undergraduates. In 2005, students won the eighth place in Group A at the 10th National University Track & Field Championship. Students also won 1 golden medal, 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals at the 10th National University Games. Women team won the first in Group C at the 15th National University Table Tennis Championship.

YZUSPE faculty members are well-organized, profound, and vigorous. Among its 123 faculty, there are 102 full-time teachers, including 14 professors and 56 associate professors; 10 doctors and 29 maters; 3 international referees and 9 national referees. Along the years, the YZUSPE faulty has won various titles and awards, such as Special Governmental Subsidies (2), Zeng Xianzi Award for Normal Teachers (2), National Young Distinguished Teachers in Physical Education (2), Jiangsu Provincial Higher Education Young Backbone Teachers or Distinguished Teachers in Physical Education (12).

Since 2001, YZUSPE has been charge of or taken part in more than 20 national and ministerial research projects, more than 50 provincial research projects as well as about 70 scientific projects. It has publicized 10 works, more than 40 textbooks, and more than 650 research papers including more than 180 papers in core journals. Many research papers won the prizes in the reporting conferences of the National University Sports Meeting and the National Secondary School Sports Meeting. More than 60 research accomplishments have won national or provincial awards, such as the third prize of the Jiangsu Provincial Philosophy & Social Science Award, the second prize of Jiangsu Provincial Distinguished Educational Accomplishments, and the second prize of the Jiangsu Provincial Higher Education Instructional Accomplishments. Discipline of Human Sports Science is funded by Yangzhou University as a key discipline of the “Project 211”. Three faculty members have been charge of compiling textbooks listed on the Eleventh Five-year National Plan.

YZUSPE now occupies a total area of 194,897 square meters, including 30,625 square meters of sports fields; more than 100 courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton; 6 integrated fitting sports fields; 3,561 square meters of indoor table tennis courts; 5 gymnasiums with a space of 23,255 square meters; 8 track & field courts; 2 swimming pools. In addition, under construction are 18 basketball courts, 11 tennis courts, 10 volleyball courts, 1 standard track & field court, and 1 gymnasium with 25,000 square meters.

The school has one building for speciality instruction experiments, within 6 laboratories for human anatomy, human physiology, physical education, health care sports, exercise biochemistry, sports psychological, and computer science. The laboratories occupy 22 rooms, covering an area of 2132 square meters and possess 727 sets of instruction instruments and facilities. With an area of 84 square meters, the school library currently holds more than 5,000 volumes and carries 194 periodical subscriptions home and abroad.

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