Foreign Studies
Brief Introduction
Brief Introduction

The College of Foreign Studies (CFS) at Yangzhou University (YZU) officially came into its own in 1998 as a merger of 6 English departments at different colleges in Yangzhou. In about 20 years, it has grown to be the third largest college at YZU, following medicine and business. Transforming from a service school for most of the non-English majors at YZU to a distinct entity, CFS has evolved to become a powerful and important part of the University with finely educated undergraduate students and nationally acclaimed graduate programs.

From humble beginnings to a promising future, CFS has come a long and winding way. As early as 1959, Yangzhou Teachers College started developing 2 language courses in Russian and English, which eventually grew into the Department of Foreign Languages within the college in 1972.

The Department was going through a real growth spurt when it started establishing the first graduate program in English Language and Literature in 1985. An important milestone in the nineties was the development of interdisciplinary programs. These developments, in addition to the national emphasis on the cultivation of foreign language talents, showed that the Department in itself was a valuable asset to the University.

As it came into its own, it became important for the Department to be comparable to other peer institutions. This was the major trigger for its next structural change. In 1998, 6 departments of English were emerged to become the School of Foreign Languages. This change was instrumental in numerous ways.  Not only did it redefine the structure of the school, but it also required yet another name change. In 2004 the School of Foreign Languages changed “School” to “College” to reflect the diversity of the programs and departments within it. With 7 academic departments, 6 language courses and 5 interdisciplinary programs, the college offers a wealth of knowledge to students. At best, an education of foreign studies teaches students not only how to learn, but also liberates their imagination.

There are 5 research centers in the College: Center for African Studies; Center for the Studies of British and American Literatures; Center for Linguistics and Applied Linguistics; Center for the Studies of Translational Behavior and Centre for Australian Studies. At present, the department has 15 full professors, including 3 doctoral advisors, and 37 associate professors.

The College has made significant achievements in research. At present, the faculty is undertaking 10 projects funded by the National Funds of Social Sciences, 9 projects by the Ministry of Education. Pedagogical research and practice of the College have won a number of national awards and awards from the Jiangsu Province. The faculty has put out dozens of research works, textbooks, and hundreds of research papers.  It is particularly noteworthy that in the past five years, over 50 papers published by the faculty have been indexed in SSCI, A&HCI and CSSCI.

The College is broadening its connections and academic exchanges with sister universities at home and abroad to push its research to a forward position, often inviting famous scholars to give lectures, some of whom have been appointed as guest professors. Every year the College sends some of its teachers abroad for training, lecturing, or attending international conferences.


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