Physical Science & Technology
Dean's Greetings
Dean's Greetings

Welcome to the College of Physics Science and Technology of Yangzhou University. Our mission can be summed up in two words – innovation and capacity. We achieve this mission through a commitment to excellence in teaching, research and industry collaboration.

Our faculty members are established experts in physics education. Through our broad scope of undergraduate and master programs, we educate the next generation of excellent physics teachers, electronics and microelectronics engineers.

Our dedication to research and our personal commitment to students are what make our teaching stand out. Our faculty members explore critical trends -- producing research that shapes our industry’s strategic, managerial and operating practices. That research comes alive in our classrooms, giving our students a competitive edge in whatever field they pursue. We also take time, both inside and outside the classroom, to personalize our students’ experiences. The result is a close knit network of alumni who play a fundamental role in our educational mission.

Our curriculum is further strengthened through the close bonds we maintain with related industries. Our students’ learning is enriched in the field, where students undertake real projects in concert with professionals. Each year hundreds of physics experts, business specialists, and executives et al. also visit the college to share their wisdom, insight, and experiences. High-class instruction. Cutting-edge research. A vibrant network of students, faculty, alumni, and industry leaders. Take advantage of a truly distinctive educational experience. Discover your path to the pinnacle of physical applications.



Prof. ZENG Xianghua, Ph.D.


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