Dean's Greetings
Dean's Greetings

Welcome to the website of College of Law, Yangzhou University! Before you open the webpage for detailed reading, please allow me to briefly introduce the College of Law.

The Law Major of Yangzhou University was founded in 1993. It began to enroll students in 1995. In January, 2004, a new round of internal institutional reform took place in Yangzhou University and College of Law was established. At present, the college offers two programs leading to Master’s Degree in Civil and Commercial Law as well as Constitution and Administrative Law. In our college, there are 110 postgraduates and 583 undergraduates, as well as a young and energetic teaching staff full of youthful spirit. With this staff, the college has made great achievement in teaching and research. The college also provides moot courts and legal clinics for the students to do legal practice. The college is developing vigorously now.

The rule of law is a matter of concern to the future and destiny of the country and nation. Without the rule of law, there will be no modernization. And building a country under the rule of law must begin with legal education. So, the first duty-bound task of College of Law is to cultivate senior practical legal talents. I would like to take this opportunity to tell the students – the future legal practitioners that: Firstly, legal practitioners must have responsibility and career-dedication. You should make solemn commitments to the nation and the society, and undertake the responsibility endowed by the people and the nation with strong senses of social responsibility and historic mission. Secondly, legal practitioners must be courageous and upright. You should have the concepts of fairness and justice. Law is an art to achieve fairness and justice; being fair and square is the basic qualification of legal practitioners. Thirdly, legal practitioners need great wisdom to deal with complex and difficult problems, as the legal problems to be faced with are complex themselves, especially in China, where the rule of law is still in process.

Our second task is to actively carry out scientific research of Law. Building a country under the rule of law is an enormous project. Joint efforts of all legal practitioners are needed to build a country under the rule of law with Chinese characteristics on the basis of advanced human civilization of the rule of law. All the teachers and students of College of Law should be pragmatic and innovative to face with the complex and ever-changing social reality, and make due contributions in the process of China’s rule of law.

I hope that friends from home and abroad will give more care and support to our College of Law! Please contact me if you have any comments and suggestions. My e-mail is

Sincerely yours,


Prof. & Dr. QIAN Yulin


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