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Welcome to the College of Foreign Studies at Yangzhou University!

When I first arrived on campus as an undergraduate student in 1982, I felt honored to become part of the legacy and tradition of YZU. I enjoyed my years as a student in the Department of English and was active in my school life, serving as a student reporter at the school radio station. After completing my MA and PhD, I joined the YZU faculty and later, the Personnel Division as Office Director, Associate Chair of the Department of College English, Associate Dean of the College of Foreign Studies, and now as Dean of the College of Foreign Studies. Over the years, I have learned that YZU is more than just a place where one studies and works---it is a place that brings people together as a community and binds them in the shared pursuit of knowledge.

The College of Foreign Studies is part of YZU and shares its vision for equipping well-rounded students for entry into the global community. Communication skills, linguistic dexterity, critical thinking and cultural awareness provide learners with the practical tools they will need in today’s competitive, multilingual marketplace; of equal importance is the broader understanding of society the student acquires through cultural exchange in the target language.

Our diverse course offerings range from the basic-intermediate-advanced language studies, traditional linguistics and literature courses to the topic-driven courses in different cultures. Students also can benefit from interdisciplinary programs that extend the classroom beyond the traditional campus. Students pursuing foreign language majors and graduate degrees enjoy myriad careers in the fields of business, communications, education and government; many cite their foreign language skills as the foundation for their continued studies in law, business and academia. We also provide students with meaningful co-curricular opportunities to enhance their learning experience including student organizations, study abroad programs, internships and so on.

Our renowned faculty is the heart of our college. The work of this elite group of educators impacts education, business and government in Jiangsu Province and throughout the country. Most importantly, they focus on producing students who have the capabilities, knowledge and character to succeed in their chosen fields. Our host city, Yangzhou, is a great place to live and work, with lively community events, and a wide selection of restaurants, shops and markets. I encourage you to apply to the College of Foreign Studies, Yangzhou University and I wish you the very best as you pursue your goals, wherever they may take you.


Prof. & Dr. QIN Xu

Dean, College of Foreign Studies

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