Horticulture & Plant Protection
Horticulture & Plant Protection
The College of Horticulture and Plant Protection at Yangzhou University was established in September 2006 in accordance with the needs of discipline construction and development. The school history can be traced back to 1902, in which year Zhang Qian founded “Tonghai Xue Tang”. Our college has 4 academic departments (majors): Plant Protection, Ecology, Horticulture and Landscape Gardening.

The school has one post-doctoral research station in Plant Protection, and is authorized to grant Ph D in the first level discipline of Plant Protection including Agricultural Entomology & Pest Control, Plant Pathology, Pesticide Science, Invasive species and biosecurity, Horticultural plants resistance and resource utilization; is authorized to grant Master degree in two first-level disciplines: Plant Protection and Horticulture, and Master’s degree in six second-level disciplines: Agricultural Entomology, Plant Pathology, Vegetable Science, Pomology, Pesticide Science and Tea Science

Undergraduate students: 1,000
Postgraudate Students: 300
Undergraduate Programs: 4
Master's Programs: 6
Doctoral Programs: 5
Postdoctoral Research Station: 1
Faculty Members: 83
Professors: 21
Associate Professors: 28

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