Foreign Studies
Foreign Studies
The College of Foreign Studies (CFS) at Yangzhou University (YZU) officially came into its own in 1998 as a merger of 6 English departments at different colleges in Yangzhou. In about 20 years, it has grown to be the third largest college at YZU, following medicine and business. Transforming from a service school for most of the non-English majors at YZU to a distinct entity, CFS has evolved to become a powerful and important part of the University with finely educated undergraduate students and nationally acclaimed graduate programs.
From humble beginnings to a promising future, CFS has come a long and winding way. As early as 1959, Yangzhou Teachers College started developing 2 language courses in Russian and English, which eventually grew into the Department of Foreign Languages within the college in 1972.
The Department was going through a real growth spurt when it started establishing the first graduate program in English Language and Literature in 1985. An important milestone

Foundation: founded in 1959 and widely recognized as a leader in teacher education of English in Jiangsu Province.
Enrollment: 1,086 full-time students and 620 part-time students from 12 provinces in China and 5 foreign countries.
Undergraduate Programs: 7
Master's Programs: 7
Doctoral Programs: 1
Student-faculty ratio: 11:1
Average Class Size: 30
Faculty Members: 189 full-time, 60% with Ph.D. or equivalent degrees.
Professors: 15
Associate Professors: 37

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