Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
The College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Yangzhou University was founded in 1952 as a section of Yangzhou Teacher’s College near the Slender West Lake Park in Yangzhou city. The college changed to its new name in 2002. At present the teaching activities mainly concentrate on the programs with bachelor, master and PhD degrees. 5 kinds of bachelor’s degree programs are offered, including chemistry, applied chemistry, polymer material science and engineering, chemical engineering and process, and medicinal engineering. Meanwhile, 13 master’s degree programs - physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemistry and physics of macromolecule, applied chemistry, material physics and chemistry, industrial catalysis, and teaching and learning of courses in chemistry are reached, moreover, education master, engineering master, and master for the teachers in university are also available. Two PhD degree programs are physical chemistry and
Undergraduate students: 1000
Postgraduate Students: 350
Undergraduate Programs: 5
Master's Programs: 12
Doctoral Programs: 2
Faculty Members: 111
Professors & Associate Professors: 60

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