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Associate Prof. Jin Biao, Ph.D.



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Research Area:


Plant ecology and microevolution

We are currently using Arabidopsis as a model system to explore the effects of multi-generational environmental changes (e.g. extreme warming) on morphological, structural, molecular and epigenetic responses to understanding the micro-evolutionary trends at the species level.

 • Plant morphology and evolution

We explore the morphology, anatomy, cellular and molecular biology from early gymnosperm (e.g. Ginkgo) to modern angiosperm (e.g. Arabidopsis) to examine the plant evolution associated with morphological, structural and functional traits. 

 • Plant reproductive biology

We study the male and female gametophyte development, floral organ morphogenesis, pollination, pollination drop (Ginkgo), fertilization and embryology toward understanding the developmental processes in reproductive biology in plants.


Selected Publications:

Jin B, et al. 2012. The mechanism of pollination drop withdrawal in Ginkgo biloba L. BMC Plant Biology 12:59.

Jin B, et al. 2011. The effect of experimental warming on leaf functional traits, leaf structure and leaf biochemistry in Arabidopsis thaliana. BMC Plant Biology 11: 35.

Jin B*. 2011. An embryological study and systematic significance of the primitive gymnosperm Ginkgo biloba. Journal of Systematics and Evolution 49: 353–361. (*corresponding author)

Lu Y, B Jin, et al. 2011. Adaptation of male reproductive structures to wind pollination in gymnosperms: Cones and pollen grains. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 91: 897906. (contributed equally)

Jin B, et al. 2010. The structure and roles of sterile flowers in Viburnum macrocephalum f. keteleeri (Adoxaceae). Plant Biology 12: 853–862.

Mu XJ, B Jin, et al. 2010. Studies on the early development of zygotic and synergid embryo and endosperm in polyembryonic rice ApIII. Flora 205: 404–410.

Teng NJ, B Jin, et al. 2009. No detectable maternal effects of elevated CO2 on Arabidopsis thaliana over 15 generations. PLoS ONE 4: e6035.

 Jin B, et al. 2007. Observations on the anatomy of reproductive organs and the pollinators of Viburnum macrocephalum f. keteleeri. Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica (after 2008 named as Journal of Systematics and Evolution). 45: 769–782.

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