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Prof. XU Chenwu


12 East Wenhui Road, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu 225009, PR CHINA


  (86) 514 8797 9358


  (86) 514 8799 6817


Research Area:

  1. Experimental Statistics
  2. Quantitative Genetics
  3. Statistical Genomics
  4. Bioinformatics

Selected Publications:

1. Xu C, Xu S. Mapping quantitative trait loci underlying triploid endosperm traits in cereals. Heredity, 2003, 90 (3): 228-235

2. Xu C, Xu S. Extended sib-pair method for mapping QTL. In: Saxton, Arnold, ed, 2004, Genetic Analysis of Complex Traits Using SAS, pp201-222, Cary, NC: SAS Institute Inc

3. Xu C, Zhang Y-M, Xu S. An EM algorithm for mapping quantitative resistance loci. Heredity, 2005, 94: 119-128

4. Xu C, Li Z, Xu S. Joint mapping of quantitative trait loci for multiple binary characters. Genetics, 2005, 169: 1045-1059

5. Hu Z, Xu C. A new statistical method for mapping QTLs underlying endosperm traits. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2005, 50(14): 1470-1476

6. Hu Z, Wang X, Xu C. A Method for identification of the expression mode and mapping of QTL underlying embryo-specific characters. Journal of Heredity, 2006, 97: 473-482

7. Xiao J, Wang X, Hu Z, Tang Z, Xu C. Multivariate segregation analysis for quantitative traits in inbred line crosses. Heredity, 2007, 98: 427-435

8. Tang Z, Wang X, Hu Z, Yang Z, Xu C. Genetic dissection of cytonuclear epistasis in line crosses. Genetics, 2007,177:669-672

9. Wang X, Hu Z, Wang W, Li Y, Zhang Y-M, Xu C. A Mixture Model Approach to the Mapping of QTL Controlling Endosperm Traits with Bulked Sample. Genetica, 2008, 132: 59-70

10. Yang Z, Wang X, Gu S, Hu Z, Xu H, Xu C. Comparative Study of SBP-box Gene Family in Arabidopsis and Rice. Gene, 2008, 407:1-11

11. Yang Z, Gu S, Wang X, Li W, Tang Z, Xu C. Molecular Evolution of the CPP-like Gene Family in Plants: Insights from Comparative Genomics of Arabidopsis and Rice. Journal of Molecular Evolution, 2008, 67(3):266-277

12. Yang Z, Zhou Y, Wang X, Gu S, Yu J, Liang G, Yan C, Xu C. Genomewide comparative phylogenetic and molecular evolutionary analysis of tubby-like protein family in Arabidopsis, rice, and poplar. Genomics, 2008, 92(4):246-253

13. Yang S, Gao M, Xu C, Gao J, Deshpande S., Lin S, Roe A B, Zhu H.  Alfalfa benefits from Medicago truncatula: The RCT1 gene from M. truncatula confers broad-spectrum resistance to anthracnose in alfalfa, PNAS 2008 105:12164-12169

14. Yang Z, Gao Q, Sun C, Li W, Gu S, Xu C. Molecular evolution and functional divergence of HAK Potassium transporter gene family in rice (Oryza sativa L.). Journal of Genetics and Genomics 2009, 36 (3): 1-12

15. Xu C, Wang X, Li Z, Xu S. Mapping QTL for Multiple Traits Using Bayesian Statistics. Genetics Research, 2009, 91(1): 23-37

16. Wang X, Song W, Yang Z, Wang Y, Tang Z, Xu C. Improved Genetic Mapping of Endosperm Traits Using NCIII and TTC Designs, Journal of Heredity, 2009, Doi: 10.1093/jhered/esp009

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