"Yi Ka Tong" Application

About Applying for ‘Yi Ka Tong” on-campus Card (For YZU Employees)

Yangzhou University launched the "Yi Ka Tong" card services from Sept., 2009. This  card combines many services which required a seperate certificate or card respectively. 

What can I do with this card?

  1. identity authentication (when using available on-campus facilities which need identity verification);
  2. library services;
  3. shopping in on-campus stores;
  4. dining in on-campus students' cafeteria or restaurants in all the campuses of Yangzhou University.

How to apply for the card?

Documents: passport or ID card;

Where to apply: the Office of "Yi Ka Tong" on-campus Card, Room S102, Students' Center, Main Campus (the building on the right when entering the Main Campus)

Do I need to pay for the application of the card?

Application for the card for the first time is free of charge. In case of losing or damaging the card, please go to the "Yi Ka Tong" office and report the loss or problems to them. 20 RMB will be charged if you need to apply for a new card due to loss or damage to the card.

How do I cancel the card service?

If you do not need the card services any more, please go to cancel your card services before you leave and before the semester ends.

How do I save money in my card?

If you need to pay for food or other services on-campus, you can save money in your card in advance. Usually, you can save money into your card in the on-campus stores, students' cafeterias, or the "Yi Ka Tong" office.

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